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Dreamers Who Seek


Beyond the obvious of mediocre day to day things,
is a power within that makes the spirit sing.

A yearning for adventure in extraordinary ways,
such as fantasy realms, eras, and dimensions of many arrays.

Read, watch and listen is the only role an audience is expected for.
…what if there was much much more?

Take the key and unlock your head
and allow the unreal to be real instead.

Step into life with the same essence of shows, books and games,
and be able to use all senses to explore their domains.

Oh yes there is a way to proceed
seek Devine Marie the Queen of Dreams.

She has secrets to be told of Fanta Portals that many can go,
so prepare and allow this wondrous journey to just flow.


An Adventure Based on a True Story: YOURS!


Real Fantasy Adventures is a planning service that curates fantasy & fandom themed experiences for adventure seekers who want to avoid conventional travel agents and tourist traps. We take the approach of using these elements of fantasy adventure and turning them into reality.

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