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Welcome to Fantaseek

Hello! I’m so pleased that you arrived right on “time” to this cyber window into my life. On this blog are my life experiences, shared to inspire others to recreate with their own imaginations to add zeal to life. I discovered how fully immersive fantasized adventures have given me many opportunities to time travel, visit magical realms and explore alternate dimensions (all figuratively speaking of course) to enlighten my life.

So follow along with my series of photo stories that I will be releasing for inspiration. Who knows? We may bump into each other someday in another dimension in the future or the past and our stories will collide.

*I truly want to help replenish humanity with JOY again so we all will be ready to live life to the fullest in 2021. We can’t give up and allow the worst of situations to take over. Life is short, live long in the endless possibilities of dreams by using creativity. With Covid restrictions being at different stages in each state, activities/travel may not be very practical or safe for most. My page serves right now as a planning tool for inspiration for 2021, once life can enter the “new normal.” The majority of what I will share are experiences prior to 2020. I promise post-Covid I will share more present day experiences.

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