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Welcome to Fantaseek


An Adventure Based on a True Story: YOURS!


Real Fantasy Adventures is a planning service that curates fantasy & fandom themed experiences for adventure seekers who want to avoid conventional travel agents and tourist traps. We take the approach of using these elements of fantasy adventure and turning them into reality:



We help you focus your own inner strengths to bring out noble qualities and outstanding achievements by suggesting opportunities to do good deeds of your choosing, if desired, with the amount of time you would like to use.


A Journey or Quest

We give counsel on gaining passage to & maneuvering within different Time Eras, Story Realms and Alternate Dimensions (figuratively speaking), effortlessly and at a pace of your liking.


Unusual Destinations

We show you a curated vault of “Fanta Portals®” that are revealed by region that contains the right magical setting for memorable moments to happen.
Action that obtains reward- Whatever YOU make out of it! On completion you can gain wisdom, new perceptions, a release of your inner kid with wonder and delight, escape the depths of blandness, have interactions with like-minded, and spirited people, fun-filled moments with loved ones all to help you feel MORE ALIVE!


There are no scripts; there is only improv with these adventures.

Just show up and let life happen. Relax with the peace of mind that Devine Marie, Queen of Dreams PERSONALLY experienced ALL suggested offerings to ensure they meet Real Fantasy Adventures exclusive rating system to qualify as a true certified “Fanta Experience®“.

Our planning fees mean we aren’t dependent on commissions, allowing us to spend time on details, such as working with a small businesses, or attractions not advertised to the masses – meaning making the unknown KNOWN! With honest, unbiased recommendations to ensure the coolest, most unique offerings out there. Please refer to our service pricing menu to schedule a planning session with us.

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