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The World’s Largest Blanket Fort Party

To better understand my life, it helps to be a fan of the show The Twilight Zone. As nutty as that sounds I can openly share that I witnessed some of the most bizarre and explanation-defying coincidences. Let me tell you about my family’s adventure with The World Largest Blanket Fort Party…

In my family I am the activity planner. I knew on December 8th, 2018 that I was going to go to Portland, Oregon because of my job at the time. Since it was over the weekend I wanted to bring my family since we enjoy going to that city around the holiday session to stir up JOY. 

The issue we have with Portland, though, is that we’d done it to death. It was getting to the point I couldn’t find anything different for us to go explore, especially for the holiday season. I even asked all my friends who lived in the Portland area if they knew of anything that would be up our alley – we needed something new and playful for us to check out on that day. I had hit a dead end, and there were only two days to go before our trip. 

Then this most dreamy SPECTACULAR event popped up on my computer screen out of nowhere while I was trying to do something else. It was some sort of advertisement for The World’s Largest Blanket Fort Party.

It was happening in Portland… 

On December 8th…  

The time frame was when we were free, 1-6pm for its daytime play… 

8 minutes away from my other work event….

and the list of activities offered were all EXACTLY the kind of fun we were into. It was a MUST!

When we arrived I knew we entered an Alternate Dimension and it wasn’t at all what I had visualized. In my mind, The World’s Largest Blanket Fort would be an endless line of chairs and tables covered with blankets. This mysterious company (will explain later -why- it was mysterious) was in one of the exhibit halls in the Oregon Convention Center and made a GIGANTIC FORTRESS filled with rave music, activities, games, crafts, performers, and secrets.  We explored the whole 7,000 sq ft fort! Tunnels, hidden rooms, and unique themes every turn. It featured 13 domes, 4 stages and a castle!  CrAzInEsS and we loved every bit of it.

worlds largest blanket fort party portland oregon devine marie adventure family

It was sort of creepy how this one event had so many activities that we all really enjoyed. We played nonstop! The characters were so random and surprising to run into.

The lighting and music was killer.

This is my kind of play as well. Pretending to float with the stars in the universe.

Old school 80’s cartoons on a retro box TV? Ummm … How did they know my son Bryson looooves cartoons from this era and was in heaven when he found this room.

Who remembers playing this? It is so much more fun when you are a big kid at any age really!!!

Games all over the place. We just started playing them as we searched for rooms. We dig board games and the place was full of them.

None of us died playing near hot lava, but man – it wasn’t easy!

Lava all over the place and only a few spots to jump to escape it.

I have no shame crawling low while on the prowl. It brings out my animal instincts.

Another creepy moment… who called ahead and told them that Bryson also looooves retro 80’s video games?

Additionally, I love to people watch , especially when there are fascinating people around.  It was so freeing to see everyone around me playing.

This is what being alive is all about. Being in the moment.

A room full of giant teddy bears. Ok who called and told them I wanted to experience this so badly?!!!

Hello, soft furry friends!

Umm… yes I love to color and draw on myself. Thank you again to whoever planned this.

They told me to write my dreams down 🤭 Do they know who I am? There isn’t enough paper in this world! So I gave them my biggest dream I could think of.

Blanket fort kids family fun interactive sculpture Portland Oregon

We figured out the letters to the password to the secret room. Little did they know it was also our family motto 😉

Heaven sakes! Who told them Bryson loves having an audience? All of this was too custom for us.

Later on after this event I tried to research the group/business that put this event on. I was wondering if they travel to different cities, or if this was just a local thing. The strange thing was the website on the flyer was no longer available and when I Googled the info I found nothing. I was FREAKING, was all of this just a mirage or a figment of our imagination?! I’m happy to announce it really did happen! I recently found Murderboat Productions Facebook page. They are a Portland-based Event Planner. This event earned them the official title in the Guinness World Record as the official World’s Largest Blanket Fort. Yes, Oregon Proud! I tip my crown to all the creative geniuses involved and commend them for making dreams into reality. I eagerly await more adventures from them in the future.

One thought on “The World’s Largest Blanket Fort Party
  • Wow! This reminds me of a children's museum I used to work at in Grand Rapids Michigan. It's amazing what people can build when they come together, if even for a night. I would like to make a bed out of giant teddy bears now :)