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Winter Soiree

Is that snow in the forecast? It sure is! After the Christmas carols had faded for the year it was time to get the house “winterized” – though probably in a far more magical way than most people would use that word! Drawing inspiration from seeing Disney’s Frozen II with my niece for her birthday, at the beginning of January I wanted to bring that magic home. Our Winter Wonderland theme expresses my love for the movie, and puts the magic of the season on display. So “Let it snow!”

In previous years it has been my family’s tradition to open our home to family and friends for a Winter Soiree – cozy get-together to warm our spirits. For the young ones it’s done like a tea party, with laughs steaming up from a mug of “magic hot cocoa”. Then for the over-21 kids (because we’re all kids at heart!) I create more of a “sisterhood” vibe by doing a cocktail party.  This tradition is very special to me because it is my chance to fight the winter blues by kindling sparks of JOY in our hearth, and I cherish time spent creating immersive fanta experiences in my home to share with those dear to me.

So how did I do it? Let’s start with a pro tip: the best time to collect winter home decor is 2-3 weeks after Christmas. Winter decorations for some reason are classified as Christmas decorations and go on seasonal clearance usually for 75-90% off. It’s common to find items for as little as 10 cents to a few dollars. My newest treasure (pictured below) is a darling plush Olaf, though he is hard to find on clearance because he is pretty popular right now.

The Snow Balls are frozen cream puffs rolled in powdered sugar. Melted Olaf Dipping Station has carrot noses, pretzel stick arms, olive buttons and ranch “snow” dip. Anna’s Frozen Hearts are strawberries drizzled in white chocolate. For liquid refreshment, one of the signature cocktails I mixed (only for the kids over 21!) were Elsa’s Ice Blast – coconut rum and blueberry Jones Soda. We also made Snow Cream (not pictured), which was shaved ice mixed with coconut milk, sugar and vanilla as drink toppers. 

In honor of Anna’s love for stuffing chocolates in her face, there were lots and lots of chocolate truffles. Bonus pro tip: Christmas candy also goes on clearance after Christmas, so this is the best time to stock up on fine chocolates.

Found on clearance for $1 Olaf pet jammies for our dog Rex. He fit in with all the other winter critters!

Just a closer view of ice, snow and crystals that formed inside our home. Don’t worry – we aren’t freezing! It stays pretty toasty inside with love and hugs.